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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is U R Beautiful Intimates Located?

We are located at Unit 200 9715 Main Street in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.

Do I need an appointment for a bra fitting?

No, we are welcome to stop by anytime during store hours. If you would prefer an appt please contact us at 780-836-9692 and we will book you a personal fitting.

What sizes do you carry?

We carry a variety of bra sizes in A-O in US ups and 28”-52” band sizes. In lingerie, shape wear, and panties we carry up to 4X.

What are my online payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express

Can I pick up my order in store?

We do offer local pick-up. Please ensure you receive a confirmation your order is ready for pick-up prior to arrival

How should I care for my bra/lingerie?

Washing your bra the right way helps to:

  • prevents damage 

  • helps to retain its shape 

  • makes it last longer 

We recommend hand washing

Use delicate washing powder or liquid, don’t add softener or bleach.

Soak bras for 3-5 minutes in cold water (max. 30°), and rinse

Gently press to squeeze out water, do not wring or twist

Lay flat on a rack or hang to dry

If you must machine wash:

Attach back hooks together to avoid snagging and ripping

Use a bra bather, to protect the underwire use a cylinder bra bather on a cool, gentle cycle (max. 30°)

Wash bras of a similar colour and fabric together

Remove promptly and lay flat on a rack or hang to air dry

No tumble dry!!!

Please note that washing your bras in the machine voids any and all warranty